KPK Questionnaires Committee when it arrived at Lapamis Sukamiskin, Bandung

Professor of Anti-Corruption: One of the Special Committee of KPK Coming to prison

The Special Committee for the Right of Questionnaires of the Corruption Eradication Commission came to the Sukamiskin Penitentiary, West Java. Their arrival as part of the ongoing questionnaire process in the DPR.

The Professor of Anti-Corruption Forum assessed the steps of the Special Committee to come to the Sukamiskin Prison to find the wrong data. Case-taking or opinion collection does not need to come to prisoners.

“According to the sampling methodology it is unnecessary, it is really wrong,” said Spokesperson Forum of Anti-Corruption Professor Asep Saefuddin at the Presidential Palace Complex, Jakarta, Thursday (6/7/2017).

The professors have just met with the Chief of Staff of the Presidency of Teten Masduki. They came to ask the KPK Question Rights to be stopped.

Asep judge, the request of opinion to the prisoner will instead be biased. No one wants to be wrong.

“Actually, if you want to ask for input to invite the professor of anticorruption, how do we think, instead of asking the opinion of the prisoners, pardon the convicted person to be a good person,” he explained.

The arrival of the KPK Special Committee to the Sukamiskin Prison can also be a bad tendency for an institution. When the process is wrong, it should not proceed.

“For example, the right of inquiry, legally the process and substance is not true,” he added.

As educators, what the current House of Representatives shows can have an impact on education. People see the process that is considered wrong even continued and left alone.

“How about education for 250 million people in Indonesia? I think, try to think more clearly,” he said

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