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Jendral (Purn) Dr. AM Hendropriyono, ST, SH, MH is a former senior government official who, at the time he was active, decided to dedicate himself to the world of law. A graduate of the Military Law Institute, he chose the profession of law so as to reinforce the rule of law for the benefit of the nation.
Jendral (Purn) Dr. AM Hendropriyono ST, SH, MH is former Minister of Transmigration and Resettlement during the administration of President Soeharto. During the administration of President BJ Habibie, in addition to serving as Minister for Transmigration and Resettlement, was named Minister of Manpower. During the administration of President Megawati, he became the chief of the State Intelligence Agency (BIN). During his military career, he served as commander of the Jakarta Region, then the Commander of the Armed Forces Military and Training Command. His Final military rank was four-star general.
From his numerous senior positions in both the military and government, he is recognized as a key future with capacity and capability to both mediate and reconcile. He also has an extremely impressive domestic and foreign network. His deep understanding of the world of law makes him the right figure to consult when seeking to resolve any number of problems related to the law.








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